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Did you know that numerous programs tested against Spyware Doctor detected only small fraction of Spyware and completely removed an even smaller amount? Also most of them were unable to effectively block Spyware in real time from being installed on users PC in the first place.
Spyware Doctor has the most advanced update feature that continually improves its Spyware fighting capabilities on daily basis. As Spyware gets more complex to avoid detection by AntiSpyware programs Spyware Doctor responds with new technology to stay one step ahead.

Editor's review:
Spyware Doctor is a literally a Spyware removal Program. It gives you current protection against Adware, Spyware and Trojans, along with protection against Keyloggers, and other malicious hackers that attack your computer. When you get sick you go to the Doctor right, well when your computer gets sick should you call a doctor for it? Thankfully the creators of Spyware Doctor have done just that, the biggest difference is that Spyware Doctor is free.

Spyware Doctor has many Pros such as the fact it updates itself, the right that minute protection you need. It uses very little of your computers resources, you can even activate its OnGuard feature which allows you to feel even more secure during your online experience. Another Pro is that it so far doesn?t seem to conflict with most Computer Brands. My particular brand, which I will not name, has issues with many protection programs on the market. Seems to conflict with the main part of the computer. However Spyware Doctor does not.
Another nice Pro is that the creators and the guys who maintain it really pay attention to updates for their product. The newest version 5.0 has been severely worked on. It has the same features as before but better and more of them. The design of it allows the program to be the best cure it can be.
This version introduced the all-new Intelli-Scan Technology, which uses designed to find the Active Spyware threats and destroy them. Kind of like a human ant virus injection, or in this case cure computer illness.

There are a few cons to this program, one being that really great new technology; it works on a trial basis of sorts in the free version. It detects the bad programs and lets you know but doesn?t remove them. Another major con is that the entire program works this way, it will keep new threats out but the ones you have, you keep unless you purchase the full version for it to finish the job.

Yes I seem to be playing on the Doctor bit a little much here, but seriously would you trust anyone or thing but a Doctor to fix your PC, your baby, the thing that keeps you connected with the entire world around you and not just the person down the street. Although you find that you have to pay for the full version to fix those bugs, you will find that it is cheaper than going to a Human Doctor. I wonder why that is? For an overall rating I have to give 7, it is truly trying to take care of our needs and for the money its worth it.

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